About: Doug Nelson

by heather

Doug Nelson, President

Doug has successfully produced over 20 interactive courses, simulations, and games in the ten years since he founded Kinection. His clients include major players from the commercial, nonprofit, defense, and government sectors.

Prior to Kinection, Doug worked in education, nonprofit, and high technology organizations, including Apple Computer, Inc. and the Yale-China Association. During his years of living and working overseas, he learned to speak several languages and developed an intuitive sensitivity to the nuances of cultural diversity. These skills have proven invaluable for his leadership with Kinection, whose target audiences run the gamut from professional military officers to community youth organizers.

Doug is former Board Chair of the North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA). He is also an enthusiastic recreational gamer who has developed a keen sense of game mechanics over 30 years of playing (and deconstructing) handheld, console, computer, and board games.

He is a graduate of Yale University, speaks Japanese and Cantonese, and was featured in Time Magazine and NBC News for his work on serious games.