About: Scott Meadows

by heather

Scott Meadows, Chief Operating Officer

Scott has over 20 years of experience in effectively managing people, resources, and schedules in industries as diverse as advertising, nonprofit education, educational software, and winemaking (his colleagues especially appreciate this last connection). In 2005 he joined Kinection as a partner in the business and as the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

His game sensibilities come from years of playing computer, handheld, and console games. He and Doug initially bonded through long sessions at the video game arcade next to the office of their educational software company in Tokyo, many years ago—a tradition that they continue to enjoy online today.

As Administrator of the Japanese Language Exchange (JALEX) program, funded by The Laurasian Institution, he fundraised over $25 million in nine years and designed much of the program’s selection process and teacher training. As Vice-President of The Laurasian Institute, he recruited, trained, and managed staff in eight offices across the United States and Japan.

Scott was former Executive Director of The Sato Foundation, in Napa, California, a family foundation that disperses over $500,000 each year to various nonprofit organizations. He is also a board member and former Chair of The Cybermill, a nonprofit organization committed to giving disadvantaged young people the opportunity to access, use, and benefit from today’s technology.  He continues with  The Laurasian Institution as a board member, conducting international exchange  and educational activities.

He is a graduate of the University of Utah and speaks Japanese fluently.