Project: Community Organizing Toolkit

by heather

Can you and your partner navigate the neighborhood safely and organize the residents around an important local issue?


Client: Waitt Family Foundation / CompassPoint Nonprofit Services
Users: Professional organizers and community residents

Our challenge:
Make the frightening prospect of going door to door in an unfamiliar neighborhood something that learners will look forward to; improve organizers’ chances for success when they first go out into neighborhoods.

The Game:
Head out into the neighborhood and start organizing! Learn from your mentor how to stay safe, get in the door, and convince people to take action. Practice reading which houses are good prospects, and which residents are worth talking to. Rate your partner’s ability to give a good initial pitch. Try out different ways of starting conversations with residents once you’re in, and different strategies for getting them to commit to action.

Featured in Time Magazine and on NBC News.

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