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A sampling of our projects. 


Successful learning game design focuses on creating powerful experiences.

Connect with Haji Kamal

Can you help your Lieutenant convince an Afghan elder to cooperate with US forces? This game was created for the U.S. Army (Army Research Institute) to be used by soldiers deploying to the Middle East as a way to understand cultural perspectives and practice communicating with locals.

Language Quest

Designed for elementary students, this interactive comic and collection of listening and rhythm games promote the cognitive skills that build a foundation for successful learning of any language.

Coming Soon

The Warrior Stories Platform

Warrior Stories is a web-delivered collaging and storytelling tool that can be used as an adjunct to evidence-based care for combat trauma and PTSD, as well as a recreational activity in individual and group environments.

El Bromista

Concept game demonstrating the opportunities for a 3D immersive environment for language learning and practice, tied to the curriculum in Pearson’s Spanish language textbooks.

Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Community Organizing Toolkit

Developed in partnership with the Center for Third World Organizing, this collection of games trains organizers to effectively work an issue by doorknocking local neighborhoods.

Coming Soon

Academy Game

Police officers typically hate writing reports, but bad reports lead to dismissed cases and lost prosecutions. This collection of games teaches recruits to “Write with Conviction!”

Hack the Computer

Plant a keylogger. Install a back door. And be sure you’re upgrading your system’s defenses, because your target is using the same tools against you. Introductory cybersecurity game for Navy IT professionals.

Language Games Suite

Immersion-focused game frames for mobile devices, and a web-based authoring tool to allow language publishers to create simple, repeatable games to support both learning and practice.

Working with Diverse Styles

Designed as a 30-day corporate learning journey, this collection of microlearning videos, games, and face-to-face exercises builds awareness and skills for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The Hospital Beat

What does it take to cover the hospital beat in a major metro? This simulation introduces journalists to the basic types of healthcare stories and the sources and methods they can use to develop them.

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